Why Coffee?


Even as I am trying to jot down the right words for this first post,I am sipping on a cappuccino. Let’s get to the point. This is going to be all about coffee. This is going to be about how it is impacting my city of Los Angeles. This is going to be about how it is impacting me. Today, I want to talk about “why coffee?”. Why talk about something that is already being talked about? Why have someone who is not necessarily an expert, or an authority in the world of coffee write about something so complex? Because I want to.
I am obsessed with coffee. It is an understatement to say that I love coffee. My favorite things in the world: my wife, coffee, and pizza. I told my wife that I get excited to sleep, because I know when I wake up I will be able to make coffee. But it’s not just the beverage that is so compelling and exquisite. Coffee is part of Los Angeles culture, American culture, and our world’s culture. It draws people together. In Ethiopia, where coffee originated, there are coffee rituals to welcome new guests that establish friendships. I love that. I love being able to meet with friends at a local cafe, and talk about life over a beautifully brewed cup of coffee…or two.
I want to treat this blog like a coffee ritual. Get ready to read about where I love to have coffee, how I brew my own coffee, what goes well with coffee (yes, food!), basic information that will make you sound like a coffee expert without being pretentious, and all things good regarding coffee. Since coffee culture is supposed to be inviting, I will only be posting positive vibes. I am not going to tear a place or baristas apart if I didn’t like the shop or coffee. With that being said, I want to welcome you to join me on this new journey with me.