Serve Coffee

To this date, some time in March, I have been a little out of the loop working in the coffee industry. But I’ve been blessed to be able to serve this amazing beverage still on Sundays at my Church. Currently, I am the Director of Coffee for Serve Coffee which is a coffee popup that runs Sunday mornings. Yes, that title was self-imposed. Yes, we run, and use specialty coffee standards, and techniques. Yes, the coffee we serve is free. We are fortunate enough to feature Copa Vida’s coffee at our pop-up, and everyone is loving it.



We run our espresso bar off of a single grouphead Giotto espresso machine. It’s a single boiler, meaning there is one main water boiler that provides hot water to both the grouphead and steam wand, but it has been running well for our fast-paced service. Honestly, I don’t know how the machine is keeping up with our queues, but it hasn’t blown up yet, fingers crossed. We grind using a Compak K10 for our espresso. It provides beautiful grounds that allow us to get sweet, even extractions. To keep our bar flow clean, and routine, we dose our grounds in a metal tumbler, and use a dosing funnel, similar to how G&B and Go Get em Tiger prep their espresso shots.

On an average Sunday, we serve around 45 guests from just our espresso bar. Our service runs a little over an hour, starting around 11am. We also have batch brewed coffee from our fetco. Just to make our service a little more streamlined, and practical, we use the same coffee for both our espresso bar, and batch brew. I didn’t see that it was financially prudent to buy one coffee for espresso, and a separate coffee for our batch brew. This has taught me a lot about dialing in, and extracting the best flavor from one coffee in the two different formats.


I serve with an awesome team that embodies genuine service and care. I believe that it’s harder to serve when there is no financial reciprocation for what we do, and it’s a constant reminder that we are not doing this for our own glory, and praise. Because the coffee we serve is free, and my team and I do not get paid, the people we serve know that we have a passion for what we do, and it’s for a greater cause. Our church members often take trips down to Tijuana, Mexico to partner with an organization called Spectrum. We have partnered with them for over 7 years now, and they provide services for the less fortunate in their community. We’ve had the opportunity to build houses for those that need homes, pass out food, visit orphanages, and feed, and distribute water to the individuals that live in the Rosarito trash dump. We take donations when we serve coffee on Sundays to help Spectrum with the heavy costs of these endeavors.



There are many new opportunities opening up for the popup, but I want to end this post with what I’ve learned. This coffee popup has demonstrated the generosity of the coffee community, and that by serving a cup of coffee, lives can be changed, and whole communities can be encouraged. We can’t wait to serve you.


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